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Finga's Fine Food

Pure, natural

Since 1993, Finga’s has provided fresh, hand-made delicious food to people of Taichung.
My wife and I started Finga’s in Taichung with a small shop making and selling French style ice-cream and sorbets. The business quickly morphed into a restaurant offering Tex-Mex meals on Fridays and French cuisine on Saturday and Sunday, and deli-style sandwiches during the week.
The business grew quickly because I was the first in the city with proper western cuisine along side Luigi and Russell (Napoli's). It wasn't long before we outgrew our original location, we needed a bigger place and so after looking around we opened up Finga's Italian on Jingcheng Road, and that place went off, taking me with it.

  • After 28 years, the pace of the restaurant business has forced some changes and so in early 2020 we changed course by joining the bakery, delicatessen and retail with the factory, located on Chang-an rd, Xitun. We now separate the business into 3 main areas:
    1) Wholesale bread and bakery products for the industry
    2) Personal catering for home or office
    3) The shop with an extensive range of: made to order deli-style sandwiches, ready to heat chilled and frozen meals and imported European cheeses and cured meats.

    Dereke Bruce
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Since 1993
Finga's Fine Food
Tel: 04-2311 0330
Address: No. 162, Section 1, Chang'an Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
Operating Hour: Monday to Sunday: 11:00~19:00;
Saturday is a regular holiday.