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Father's Day promotion! Start pre-ordering!

15 - 07,2020
In addition to commemorating the August 8th Festival this year, Finga’s will also celebrate the 27-year milestone of its establishment~~

Finga’s has always been a family-run restaurant/European bakery grocery store.

So Finga’s is not just a store to Chef Dereke, but his children.

Over the past 27 years, I have experienced many big and small things like storms and rain, from a small ice cream/sandwich shop to 4 restaurants, and then reduced to the most impressive Zhongming South Road ~ and then moved to Shangshang South Road. After some time, finally moved again to the small bread and light food shop at No. 162 Chang'an Road where it is currently located.

In order to thank Dereke for his sweat and tears over the past few decades, our Finga’s team specially designed a "New Zealand luxury dinner set"

Last month, the Dragon Boat Festival eased a lot because of the epidemic, so many people went out to eat, either crowded or lined up for more than an hour!

In order for everyone to celebrate the August 8th Festival this month, we have launched a series of luxurious and delicious products and meals. It costs at least $6000 to eat at any restaurant outside. Fingas is definitely worth your money!

Celebrating the August 8th Festival this month, you can enjoy an outdoor meal worth $6000 at home~

"New Zealand Luxury Dinner Set"

There are two salads, one staple food, one dessert, one bottle of French wine and one bottle of high-end Australian sparkling water to make up ~ suitable for 4~6 people to enjoy, family and friends can get a dinner together!

Let’s introduce the content in detail:

Salad: Finga’s Classic Caesar Salad $480 and Vegetable Stew $375

Staple food: Wellington steak! ! ! It's cooked just right~5 to 7 minutes cooked! $3500

Dessert: Spanish Basque cheesecake (net beauty favorite cheesecake) $680

Sparkling water: Australian Griem natural gas soaked water ~ refreshing, delicious and clean $190

Wine: French Langdoc Moulin de Gassac blended red wine $600

[Total value: $5825!!!!]

But in order to celebrate the anniversary of Finga’s, the boss hopes that everyone can easily spend the August 8th Festival~

Decided for a discounted price of $4880! But the point! ! ! Only limited to 10 sets! !

Who wants to spend August 8th with the boss Dereke? Hurry up and place your order!

Offer period-from now until sold out!

"This product is out of stock! Need to pre-order 3 days in advance~"

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Finga's Fine Food
Tel: 04-2311 0330
Address: No. 162, Section 1, Chang'an Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
Operating Hour: Monday to Sunday: 11:00~19:00;
Saturday is a regular holiday.