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Adjustment to Opening Days

Latest news
05 - 06,2021
Hello all Finga's fans!!
As you all should know, the water shortage issue has gotten worse
Since not much rainfall has dropped in the central region.
Meaning the restriction of water supply will increase starting 06/01 Tuesday
Finga's Team have decided that we will need to change our weekly day off
from Saturday to Tuesdays
Starting 06/01 Tuesday, we will be closed every Tuesday and starting 06/05 Saturday we will be open for business.
This change is TEMPORARY, meaning once the restrictions are lifted we will change back to the original operating days!
So let's pray for that rainfall to come soon, cure the thirst of our land and reservoir
Remember to wear your mask
Wash your hands
And stay fresh like our Sourdough!
Finga's Fine Food
Tel: 04-2311 0330
Address: No. 162, Section 1, Chang'an Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
Operating Hour: Monday to Sunday: 11:00~19:00;
Saturday is a regular holiday.