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19 - 08,2021

Now that we are slightly, NOT fully out of the jam

I hope everyone is catch up on the vaccines and staying outta trouble!

If we keep this up, we should be ready to party a little by the time

Moon Festival comes around!

And when you get invited to a Taiwanese BBQ~ You better make

Sure you bring some gifts!

And there's no better gift than our very own Canele gift box!

It sure is the crave in Taiwan right now, and will hands down win

All gift boxes from everyone else.

The box contains 4 Canele with all different flavors!

We got Chocolate, Lemon, Macha, Baileys

Order before September 3rd and get early bird price of $295/box !

Retailed price at $320/box~ You snooze you lose!

Finga's Fine Food

No. 162, Section 1, Chang'an Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
Wednesday to Monday: 11:00~19:00;
Temporarily Closed Tuesday ALL DAY.
04-2311 0330