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White Sourdough

Classic Handmade White Sourdough.
Plain Flour, 25yr old starter, salt, water
*Bread Production Schedule: Baked Fresh Daily.

Delivery Information:
- Taichung City Delivery within 6km radius is free if order over $500.
- Taichung City Delivery within 7-11km radius is free if order over $1000.
- Country wide frozen courier shipping, delivery fee added on top.

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This is the heart and soul of Finga's Bakery, made with our 25yr old sourdough start that gives all the flavors in this delicous gluten goodness.
Just simple 4 ingredients; flour, salt, water and starter
The perfect sandwich bread that will soak up the juiciest of meat or melted cheese, OR BOTH.
Coat it with butter on the outside surface then slap it on the pan to get it nice a toasty before you inhale that sandwich. 
Finga's Fine Food

No. 162, Section 1, Chang'an Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
Wednesday to Monday: 11:00~19:00;
Temporarily Closed Tuesday ALL DAY.
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